The Best Dumbwaiters Utah Has to Offer

Looking for a permanent solution in your home for those heavy groceries, endless laundry, or heavy firewood (not sure people are carrying a whole lot of firewood these days…)? For the business owners, are you finding that your employees are spending countless hours lugging heavy supplies up and down floors? Is productivity suffering because your delivery systems aren’t as efficient in your older, historic hotel?

Look no further than a dumbwaiter from Able Access Elevator!

What is a Dumbwaiter?

A Dumbwaiter system is essentially a small elevator that moves up and down a shaft guided by rails, and controlled by an electric motor. There are dumbwaiters for homes, but the most popular use is dumbwaiters in a commercial setting such as schools, restaurants, hotels, and retirement homes. These lifts are built to fit any building or application with minimum added construction. Dumbwaiters range from 100-500 pound capacity and they can be used to move virtually anything.

Here are just a few uses of a dumbwaiter for your home or business:

Dumbwaiters for homes: For families with many generations living under one roof, such as grandparents, children, and grandchildren, laundry can become an issue. The solution is a dedicated laundry dumbwaiter with an easy to control system that will travel from the third floor where the kid’s bedrooms are, all the way to the basement. Think of it as an organized, upgraded laundry chute!

Dumbwaiters for restaurants:  For a two or three story restaurant, a dumbwaiter is a must have. When your kitchen is on the lower level, it doesn’t make sense to have servers carrying heavy, hot plates up several flights of stairs! A dumbwaiter will save your staff and business time and money!

Our Dumbwaiter Products

Able Access Elevator has a selection of quality dumbwaiter products that Utah residents can choose from. Our line of dumbwaiters are the most reliable, well-built lifts in the industry. We supply only the best which includes Harmar, Waupaca and Inclinator. With products from these manufacturers and your partnership with Able Access Elevators, we can make any dumbwaiter fit in your home or business! In many cases, a full day of installation time can be cut from the process. That’s real savings!

Our dumbwaiters come with the following features:

Easy installation:

Our techs know all of the tricks of the trade for fast, easy installation in your home or business. There are absolutely no pulleys required!


The cable, car, and drive systems are all pre-installed at the factory for your dumbwaiter. There also isn’t a complex rail system to assemble.  All of the wiring is completely simplified, which helps with our easy installation.


Your dumbwaiter comes with a 2 year warranty for parts, and 5 years for the drive train.

Do you have questions about commercial dumbwaiter cost, installation, or repair? Want to look into the different types of options for you home?

Call us today at Able Access Elevator to get a quote and to find out about our repair and service packages!

Sizes & Load Capacity:

With 3 different car sizes to choose from, a lifting capacity of 200 pounds, plus the ability to travel between four floors, the dumbwaiter is an indispensable labor-saving tool!

  • Easy installation
  • No pulleys required
  • Cable drive system is pre-installed at the factory
  • Car and drive system is pre-installed at the factory
  • No complex rail system to assemble
  • Simplified wiring
  • Warranty: 2 years parts / 5 years drive train