Don’t let stairs stop you. With a stairlift from Able Access Stairlifts, you will be free to enjoy your entire home just like you should be. Our innovative, safe, and stylish stairlifts allow you to live in the utmost comfort and ease. With Able Access Stairlifts providing many high end and affordable options, we are sure to meet all of your design and budget needs.

We are your Salt Lake City local dealer of all stairlift products, and we provide only top of the line products. We are devoted to quality and our priority is customer satisfaction, so we will work with your budget to get you the mobility access you need.

What Is A Stairlift?

Many customers searching for mobility solutions will come across a stairlift early on, but what exactly is a stairlift? There are many names associated with stair lifts, such as mobility chairs or motorized chair lifts, but all refer to a chair that is powered by an electric motor, which rides along a track or rail attached to your stairs.

There are different styles of stair lifts to fit any type of staircase in your home. Straight lifts are designed to fit a straight staircase. There is usually only one rail, and it’s attached opposite the banister. These are the most common type of stairlift available on the market! Curved stairlifts are custom made to fit the curves and angles of your staircase, and the chair is designed to stay level.

Residential stairlifts are the most common type, seen in private residences for their use. Commercial stairlifts are less common, but if you are interested in installing or having your stairlift repaired, Able Access Elevator can do both!

Stairlift Features

Since stair chairs for seniors are one of the biggest uses of a stairlift, it is designed to be functionally easy to use and is completely electric.

Your stairlift will come equipped with a remote control, which allows you to send the chair up or down without it being occupied. This is a great feature for multiple family members using the stairlift.  All stair lifts come with a seat belt with either Velcro or retractable straps. Although the machine moves slowly, the added seat belt is a built in safety feature to those who might have balance problems or just for added security!

To move from one level to another, most stairlifts use a joystick. This can be a small start button underneath the arm, or an actual joystick that one can turn left or right. The last great feature of the stairlift is that it can fold down to save precious space in your stairwell.

Need an electric stairlift for home, office, or even one for the outdoors? Yes, we can even outfit outdoor stairlifts for home or office! It’s easy to find the perfect Utah stairlifts with Able Access Elevators! Give us a call today to learn more.